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Rosalind’s first book


“Activate Your Purpose!

A Guide to Spiritual Goal Setting

• Draw Closer to God
• Walk in His Will
• Fishing for People/Discipleship
• Building Community

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I knew that I had to be proactive in my walk.  I knew that I had a call on my life for ministry but I floated around asking very surface questions as to how this was supposed to transpire.   When it did not just “happen” through osmosis I figured it was just not meant to be or that God was not yet ready for me.  As I continued to study and work in my church’s women’s ministry I began to set small goals for the ministry and my personal growth.  God was pressing me forward to do more, to do his will the way he expected me to do it not the way I decided to do it.  I began to have a true desire to please God.  The more I prayed for direction, the more He gave it to me.  The more I disobeyed that direction, the harder my walk became.

I discovered that in order for me to truly live a life pleasing to God I needed to be proactive.  I knew that I needed to give God the same attention, or more, than I gave my law practice.  I gave clients my extra time, I even spent an insane amount of time in “ministry” work. In order to truly walk in His will, I had to make a conscious decision to take ACTION.  My passion for Christ and my desire to be obedient to God, encouraged me to constantly seek Him in each and every thing I did.  When I realized that ministry was serious business I began the goal setting process.  I must admit, it was not easy.  I found myself constantly re-prioritizing God to fit into my life instead of re-prioritizing my life to better serve His will.  What I found, and thus the purpose for writing this book, was that I was much more effective when I acted purposefully, when I was proactive and when I took charge of my personal and business life by asking God to order my steps.  When I did this, the doors began to open and life became so much clearer. When I opened myself up to this process, I was allowing God greater access to me and allowing the Holy Spirit to truly have free reign.  I pray that this process will help draw you closer to God, enhance your walk and allow you to live life on purpose, His Purpose.

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