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To create awareness, inspiration and opportunity for women to be healed, empowered and restored through the exchange of stories between other women, where those opportunities can be a catalyst for transformational change in their lives.



Empowering women in ministry and all women of faith, to lead beyond experiences of pain to be effective in ministry.


Empowering women in corporate leadership to share their experiences with other women through engagement, connecting and mentoring.


Empowering women in transition (reunification after their involvement with child protection, reentry to the community from incarceration, homelessness, and other major life transitions) to become successful members of their community.

To provide multiple venues, opportunities and events, both formal and informal, allowing women to be exposed to the stories, testimonies, and revelations of other women, in an effort to collaborate with individuals and programs that share or support our vision.

HER Story, Inc. was founded by Rosalind R. Sullivan, HER Story Inc. is a movement of transformational change. It’s a fluid concept that provides a platform for the exchange of life stories or “testimonies” in an effort to promote healing, empowerment and restoration of women across the world regardless of faith, culture, age or any descriptive separator. The movement begins with my story which is one of hurt, victory, disobedience and grace. I believe in the power of the story, the life story, the testimony. 

HER Story, Inc. has three components: Ministry, Community and Corporate. The first phase of this project was HER Story Ministries (HSM) which started in 2014. The community and corporate components are still in the developmental stages.

HSM – Her Story Ministries

I have seen people overcome adversity and sickness by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have seen people healed through fasting and prayer. I have also seen people’s lives changed based solely on “hearing” what another person has been through. It is God’s will that we testify and tell others of His goodness and mercy. This is the purpose of HER Story Ministries. “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Revelations 12:11. The blood of the lamb is our testimony because it is only through the blood that we survive the challenges of life that ultimately lead to our testimony. There is healing power in giving your testimony, not only for the person hearing the testimony but for the person giving it. Join the movement for real, transformational change in the lives of women (and men). HER Story is not defined by denomination, church, physical space or legalistic beliefs. The premise is simple. We need each other to survive. God has pushed me to move forward with this ministry that He planted in me many years ago. He has instructed “process” over “perfection”. Our own healing can begin with the acknowledgement that we are ALL broken and in need of God to fix us. If you share that belief, join the movement, share your story….HEAL, EMPOWER, RESTORE.

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